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The horrible feeling one gets of being exposed and uncomfortable after wearing a hoodie on a daily basis and then not being able to (usually when the weather gets too warm).
Shane: Man I hate warm weather! I feel like I'm walking around naked and I don't know where to put my hands.

Crystal: I think you're going through hoodie withdrawals
by CrystalClear123 October 22, 2010
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When one is so used to wearing the great all around every day clothing item of the hoodie that they often will mistakenly try to place there hands in there front pockets only to find that they are not wearing a hoodie like they thought they were as they are so commonly used to doing where so they in turn look like they just made a strange awkward gesture with there hands around there genital/stomach area which could or could not in certain situations be taken the wrong way.
Guy 1: "Dude you know Angelina that fat chick whose always trying to hide her fat rolls by wearing hoodies all the time?"

Guy 2: "Yeah what about her?"

Guy 1: "Dude she's actually not wearing one today shes just wearing a typical my-mom-is-my-best-friend kitten sweater but shes totally been having hoodie withdrawals all day in class and she got written up because Mrs. Rhoda thought she was telling some girl to eat her pussy."

Guy 2: "Hell yeah I hate that fat bitch her breath always smells like dulce de leche."
by J.N. Bassizzle January 14, 2011
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