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That hamburger had a nice hoodah on top.
by Ruteger July 31, 2005
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pronounced: HOO-duh

describing one as a "nobody"; someone who is considered a loser or not important.

Taken from the term: Who da hell is dat? Who-Da...hoodah
"Martin is such a hoodah! I can't believe you actually go out with him!"
by Jellybeen January 24, 2008
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A happening; a gathering of friends or comrades; a meeting more about fun and less about an agenda.
Hey, the hoodah's at my place. BYOB.
by The Gibster June 12, 2007
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A person, usually in jail, who has nothing and always begs other people to share with him no matter what it is
Timmy is such a hoodah he keeps asking me if im gonna finish my tai tuna
by Dirty Mike n the boys October 14, 2017
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