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The philanthropist of the hood, someone to look to to guide you up in the streets.

A$AP Ferg is the young trap lord/hood pope
"This the Hood Pope, chain hang low, red rubies and the gold
Young Trap Lord, feel your pain, I be down for my people" -A$AP Ferg
by SabreGrub October 27, 2013
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A respected veteran of the streets in which he "comes up", the Hood Pope seeks to preserve the unity of the residents of said hood and the sanctity of said hood. He achieves this by adhering to a strict moral and ethical code, which includes great attention to the physical and mental welfare of all those in the hood, with disregard to those persons' socioeconomic status or personal ties. The Hood Pope also oversees peace agreements and is a major voice in the handing down of justice to those who trespass against said hood. The Hood Pope's devotion to said hood is unrivaled and he asks residents for loyalty not to himself, but to their hood. While not a deity or a head of state, the Hood Pope, along with King Smoke, The Rat Prince, and others, form the Council of the Streets.
"Last Saturday night that gang member from down the street jacked my little sister's bike. Thank goodness Hood Pope heard about it. Now my sister has her bike back and that punk-ass bitch who stole it got his legs broke."

"I was waiting in line at the food pantry five hours before they got cleaned out and turned me away. Before I could do a damn thing Hood Pope rolls up in a tractor trailer full of groceries and tells us our children are gonna eat tonight. Thank you Hood Pope."

"La' nigh' it done snow and I done drank all my damn liqu'. Woke up to dat Hood Pope standin' ova me wit' a whole damn stack o' blankets and a Thermos full o' hot tea. N*gga got time fo' this shit but can't git a brotha some rock?"

"Channel 5 reports all known trap houses in the hood were burned to the ground today. Police wish to thank Hood Pope on behalf of the city's law enforcement."
by CotS Human Relations March 23, 2014
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