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Movie that takes place in a poverty filled urban environment(neighborhood).

Movie must portray three characteristics.

1. The neighborhood must taste like poverty. “There’s always a party in the street”

2. There must be be representation of a minority race. Blackicans, Mexicans, peurto ricancans, dominicancans.

3. There must be a betrayal. Someone must die.

On an added note Spike lee’s Do the right thing sets the standard for Hood movies world wide. While being a perfect 10, movies can be up to par but never the equivalent.

Examples of hood movies:

1. South Central
2. Boyz n da hood
3. Set it Off
4. Any movie produced by Ice cube
5. Tyler perry movies are not hood movies
6. Gang of New York (although shows the poverished, famished Irish as an urban population in a timely fashioned ghetto), will not be considered a hood movie. The westside story etc. etc. *refer to rule #2
Do the right thing is the greatest hood movie of all time.

Hey, who checked out the new hood movie.

Which hood movie do you perfer?
by Diction efficionado May 15, 2018
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