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Someone that grew up in the Hood and has faced way more Challenges than those who grew up in the suburbs. Due to those circumstance, The person that's faced many of life's challenges mostly those of Personal, Economic, Psychological challenges and has survived them are deem stronger then those who have not.
"Yeah that shit will be tough to handle. Let's get John to manage and handle that. He's built for it. He's Hood Certified"
by Hood Certified Roc July 06, 2016
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when an individuals who lives in an area described as "the hood", typically low income area populated by blacks and latinos, when that individual is sentenced to prison, when he comes back out into society he has earned additional street cred.

This street credibility often takes the form of acknowledgement that the individual was strong enough to survive prison and that he didnt snitch on others to save himself. Living through strong deed what lofty words express: "The snitches is itching for a bitchin in prison"
Tyrone: Yo dawg, I heard T-Bone is back tryna get his hustle on.

LaMarcus: Fa real do, that nigga hood certified now and he playing for keeps this time.
by Hood Certified Criminal Lawyer February 14, 2014
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