Honorary title bestowed upon the realest individuals who run the show, make the dough, and, you know... Hood bosses know their roots and have an appreciation for both the finer and lesser things in life.
Dave Jones is a real hood boss; he lives in a castle and uses the duck pond as his private golf course.
by D-Cove January 18, 2009
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when something is done to your liking and you pretty happy about it.
if you play sports and you made a nice play. You would say man say something like "man that shit was hood boss"
by Ry-Dro May 23, 2006
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A rapper from down south in Dallas Texas,Dirty D, Tripple D or whatever you go it by..

Man you hear that new Hood Boss track? "How i rock" ft Rocko it go hard
by Baba The Great July 11, 2008
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