big booty hoes who show off their bodies................like me
you ain't nothing but a hoochie mama!!!
by monkeypoo October 13, 2003
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A beautiful female, who knows how to work it. A female who knows how to attract almost every-single man- with out any problems what-so-ever. Other females are jealous of Hoochie Mama's because they arent as fine as her- and they hate the fact that the Hoochie always be getting compliments and "offers" from their men. The best Hoochie Mama has Long dark brown hair, light brown eyes, thick thighs- big lips, and a nice ass. and VERY seductive! aka - me!
Damn! Nicole is such a Hoochie Mama, why can't she just leave my man alone?
by Nicole MLM December 11, 2005
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a black hooker. i dont know much about these....
-dude, don't go to that Hoochie Mama! She's a rip off! Dude!
by T. Lex February 16, 2005
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The phrase was mentioned in a “Stephen King's Nightmares & Dreamscapes” episode called The Fifth Quarter when a large black man referred to the wife of a white man holding him a gunpoint as a “Hoochie Mama”.
by davemc November 24, 2006
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a group of girls who look like homeless sluts
look over there jersey and sophia look like hoochie mamas”
by sk8terch1ck May 13, 2021
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