HONEY LOVE POT is a sweet and suggestive term of endearment for female genitalia.

Not to be confused with love bucket. Sorta like vajayjay but sweeter!

Includes vagina, vulva, clitoris, labia, perineum, pc muscle, skene's glands, bartholin gland, female prostate gland, and the CUGA spots.

Female orgasm explains how the stimulation of the N spots and the CUGA spots gets the 'Honey Love Pot' flowing with her transudate honey!

Female ejaculation explains how the fluid gushes or squirts from the urogenital of the Honey Love Pot.

The Honey Love Pot may be open for a dipper. The dipper a.k.a. penis dips into the Honey Love Pot for some sweet erotic pleasure.
Husband to Wife: “Of all the local honeys, you’ve got the one honey love pot that I want to dip into!”

Girlfriend to Boyfriend: “You make my honey love pot flow with sweetness.”

Sexually-Frustrated Woman to friend: “No action here tonight so I guess I’ll be playing with my honey love pot.”
by Love Linguist August 02, 2010
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