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And exclamation used mostly by Black girls in South Florida in...especially in the 1980's...its basically an exclamation like, "Chile please," or "No she DIH-int!" or to add emphasis for something good that just happened or to comment on a diss.
After someone reveals some juicy gossip that you've been waiting to hear..."MM! Honey BOOM!" That was GOOD!

After someone just told another person off really well and you want to give your approval, say, "Honey BOOM!"

"Honey BOOM!"....I KNOW, I look good in my new jeans.
by tremellek April 26, 2010
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a word used in reply to something that means "whatever" or "u trippin'"
Person 1- "Tanisha said she was gonna whoop yo ass."
Person 2- "Honeyboom."
by Ni-Ni May 19, 2006
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