Newspaper reader: Oh goshhh, isn't that senator nice with that child? Sure he's a good and honest politician.
Guy: Ma'am, a year ago he was in jail for bribery
Newspaper reader: I said he IS nice.
Guy: Ma'am...
Newspaper reader: *covering her ears* Lalalala I can't hear youuu
by ZenitYerkes December 22, 2009
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The act of inserting one's penis and balls into his own anus at the same time. Impossible, just like the possibility of an honest politician ever existing.
Jim: So, Tom what did you do last night?

Tom: I labored for hours and hours trying to give myself The Honest Politician.

Jim: The Honest Politician? What the fuck is that?

Tom: You know, it's when you try to put your own cock and balls up your own ass at the same time.

Jim: Oh, I get it. That shit's impossible, kind of like finding an honest politician.

Tom: Exactly.

by Tom912 October 15, 2008
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The Honest Politician is one who, when bought STAYS bought.
When asked whether by the CEO if the megacorp could count on Rep. Jones, the lobbyist said, "Yes, we put in $20 million to his warchest in the last 10 years and he's 'The Honest Politician.' He'll stay bought."
by Lord Dragon, Grammar Nazi September 4, 2015
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Right, and you believe that Honest Politicians exist. How am I supposed to take you seriously?
by fuzzy_bit June 23, 2022
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Idiot: "MAGA MAGA Trump will rise!!!"
Idiot 2: "NOOOOO!!! Biden is superior waaah!!! waaah!!!"
Vermin Supreme Supporter: "Will any other politician make you brush your filthy teeth? No! Vote Vermin Supreme today! He is the only Honest Politician..."
by 2hufan September 24, 2023
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