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A Honda/Acura forum where about 25 serious enthusiasts offer useful advice and approximately 500 people call each other gay.
Put on your flame suit... some ricer is asking about widebody kits, and you know how those Honda-Tech kids get when you mention the phrase "body kit"!
by Rakusi February 22, 2007
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A Honda and Acura technical resource web forum. Complete with forum's for every Honda and Acura car; Marketplace; Apperance sections; and Excellent General Discussion and Debate section where you will find information and debate on just about every topic. is more addictive then cocaine
by QuikJaysun August 18, 2006
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The best honda enthusiast website. RICE BOYS NOT WELCOME!...Function over form is the honda-tech way.
Honda-tech honda's are fast and sleeper. Not some Vtaky0 rice cooker with a BOV on a N/A car.
by Jay(scoobywrx) May 02, 2005
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A forum used by many that try to define them self as non-ricers. They do modifications towards their car that would express japanese style, but that style doesn't even come close. Members are mostly defined as new generation rice.
slanted windshield stickers, rear slanted option2 stickers, rota wheels, fake style parts, front lip, amber corner lights, yellow headlights, wakaba (new driver) badge, I :heart: JDM, tow hooks, show cage, stock SOHC motor under the hood. honda-tech
by nrgonline August 17, 2006
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