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The same-same sexual orientation—once considered a crime in the developed world—is today celebrated in pride parades, and even used as a sign to gauge how open and innovative a city or country is.
In a number of African societies and "Muslim nations," politicians and liberal citizens can be jailed, stoned, or even killed, if they're caught promoting or practicing homosexuality.
by MathPlus September 14, 2016
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Used to describe sexual or romantic feelings between two people of the same gender.
People often refer to the Bible or God to backup their points about homosexuality. They say that "It's in the bible that it's a sin, so it's bad."

How can they use this to backup their points? First, not everyone believes in that shit. Second, most people that preach it are sinful in other ways. So, according to the Bible, they are just as hell-bound as homosexuals are.
by Shauser5005 July 25, 2004
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Those who choose Homosexuality for themselves cannot sexually reproduce: two men cannot create a child, two women cannot create a child. Molesting others into Homosexuality is not sexual reproduction

AIDS research is a waste of money. ALL that money ought be spent well on child cancer research.

AIDS is 100% preventable
by MotherNaturesRage July 27, 2011
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a term used to describe sexual or romantic acts or feelings between to humans of the same sex. There is nothing wron with this to me (I am a proud bisexual), but some people find the idea of homosexuality offensive. Not my problem. As long as it doesn't interfere with my relationships, the rednecks and bible bangers can find it as fucking offensive as they want.
assface-homosexuality is so fucking wrong man
dude-oh screw you motherfucker.
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
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1-The number one way to prevent overpopulation

2-Something every teen is accused of
Example 1: being accused
Tim: Richie likes soccer

Rob: What a Faggot
Ricchie: Fuck you soccer is awsome and its called football bitch

Example 2: Homosexuality
Tim: Hey rob now we made so everybody thinks Richies gay
Rob: yeah now nobody will think we're gay
Tim: Wanna have gay sex
Rob: You know i do

Tim: Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
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attraction to the same gender. it's not a choice, you are BORN gay. it's a fact. for example, animals can be gay too, and they don't have a choice, right? thats the main DIFFERENCE between a man and an animal.
another thing that gets on my nerves, is how people think lesbians are"hot", and gay man are"sick" and "gross". i just hate the fact noone can explain why do they think like that.
and, if you think homosexual people are gay, shouldn't you be more kind with them? i don't want to make stupid comparisions, but do you go and beat the crap out of people who have, for example, AIDS?
i'm not gay, but i think it's just normal. it's not like i care, why should i care about someones sexual life?
oh, and homo isn't for "man", it's for SAME, latin, i think.
homosexuality is ok.
homosexuals are normal people.
by buwa May 14, 2007
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