Cunts who throw out their 17 year old daughters who have fallen in love with other girls.

People who are scared of others that have a romantic/sexual attraction to the same sex and believe this love could lead to the end of the world.
'A' threw out his daughter for being gay.
'A's' daughter is now homeless.
'A' is a homophobic cunt.
Hence, 'A' is a homophobe
by Gay hobo October 13, 2016
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A close-minded fucktard that lacks brain cells. Thinks that homosexuality is not cool at all. Most homophobes jerk off to gay/lesbian porn.
Idiot: I don't believe in gay marriage.
Me: Who gives a fuck what you think, you fucking homophobe?
by The Billy of all Billys February 10, 2017
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A person who lives in constant fear that gay men will treat them the way they treat women, in addition to being in constant dread that lesbians treat women better than they do.
Tattoo shop customer: I'd like a tattoo of the bible verse that forbids homosexuality.
Tattoo artist: Sorry, we don't service the common homophobe here. We're going to have to ask you to leave and never come onto this street again.
by Intelligence001 August 04, 2016
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uneducated? UNEDUCATED? Before you say that someone is uneducated, Why don't you Look at yourself? You think people of the same sex go together. There's 2 genders for a reason, wtf people?

Oh yeah really. Someone's uneducated just because they don't approve same sex couples when there are 2 sexes for a reason. Wow That makes real sense.

Now I don't believe in god...or something like a god. But still its corrupting humanity, and thus, shouldn't be allowed.
Liberals are actually the "homophobes" they describe. They call other people who don't approve homosexuality homophobes, when they actually are, trying to hide it by branding someone else a homophobe, so people won't think they are the gay one - Get the picture, here? I have no real proof of this, but doesn't it make sense? Why would they(gaysupporters) call someone a homophobe just because they are stating their honest opinion of homosexuality?

You poor poor hypocrite liberal bastards...

LIBERALS are the actual people insecure about their homosexuality. Liberals just call other people homophobes to make themselves feel better, cause they still haven't figured out their own sexuality.
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n. person who constantly make sbelittling remarks toward or about homosexuals, tends to go hand-in-hand with bigotry, sometimes turns out to have unresolved homosexual leanings they're too afraid to face
Right, that's really "gay." Man, why you gotta be such a homophobe all the time?
by The Grammar Inquisitor December 02, 2002
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Someone who is unexplainably bothered by couples/partners of the same sex (homosexuals). Often the so called "homophobe" either
a) has some un-attended issues they are trying to deny and are only taking a strong hatred toward homosexuals so that no one will assume they agree with it in any way when in all actuallity is probably a homosexual themselves.
b) is a close-minded, sheltered christian.
c) never met anyone gay.
"Ew sick, check out those fags, I want to kill those fuckers"
Three hours later, gets home, gets online and looks up "xxxgaypornxxx"
by Kristen December 03, 2003
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a self-loathing individual with repressed homosexual desires

think about it...how did heterosexual boys treat girls they liked in 6th grade? By torment: teasing and pulling hair
Eric happily self-identifies as a homophobe, and he watches "queer eye for the straight guy" religiously to slam the gay guys...but I think he's obsessed with Carson.
by procrastinating queen July 14, 2005
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