A derogatory term for homosexual, similar to fairy, poojabber, choctop, batty-boy and faggot.
"I like jabbing poo."
"That is because you are a homo."
**friendly pat**
by hAsdfdffnf or hannah October 04, 2007
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A word generally used by future grocery baggers to connote somebody having an unusual sexual preference. Usually not used when talking about sexual preference.
Kid with hopes: I'm going to college
Future grocery bagger: Homo.
by NickMazzonesJeans February 14, 2007
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These days, the word "homo" is used to describe something stupid. Remember before, people used to call all stupid things "gay?" Well now, homo is the new gay! =D
msn conversation

Jessika: Hey!
Smarterchild: Hello again, Jessika
Jessika: Guess what!
Smarterchild: What?
Jessika: You're homo!
Smarterchild: So, what if i am?
by runchi November 08, 2006
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Term used for gay people, the scientific term being homosexual, being attracted to the same gender. Other names include, fag, faggot, queer, and more.
Wow Tom's wearing a Slayer shirt, what a homo.
by bazillionsofbrazilians June 01, 2010
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A derogatory term used against homosexuals by insecure and often insigificant heterosexuals. More often than not, people who use the word "homo" in this sense are people the gay population wouldn't want to fuck anyway.
by Ho-Mo April 01, 2003
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A man who enjoys having sex with other men. Short for homosexual. A homo is a man who loves other men and is sexually attracted to them.
I'm a homosexual and im proud.
by Mikee Rehmeyer January 13, 2008
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Refering to some one who is homosexual, usually male but not always. Short for homosexual, it is often used as a homophobic slur, and sometimes not even used to refer to a homosexual person.
Kid1: Man, Elton John is one homo, eh?
Kid2: You're a fucking homo, dude.
Kid1: How am I a homo, I fucked your mum and your girlfriend last night.
Kid2: So, you and Elton John are still homo, homo together Homo's.
by Allan Mclaughlin January 15, 2006
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