i dont know any easy way to say this, but........a fag that bones to the same sex

Paul: yo wuddup?

Jim: nm man, got soe dubees from Ben.

Paul: sick

Brett walks by and starts talking to Jim and Paul

Brett: hey hotties......OH MY GOD....my dick is as hard as a diamond in an ice storm right now

Jim and Paul walk away

If you dont know, Brett is a homo
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The indirect object, form of mofo.
Girl: Get me the mofo from the homo.

Stranger: What are you talking about?

Girl's Boyfriend: She wants you to get her the Cheez-itz..
by liaostep August 18, 2012
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A gay person. Typically used as an insult by heterosexual males, but really is just someone who is so cool you can't even handle it. They may be gay, but they're cooler than you.
Obnoxious guy: HAHAHA! Look at that homo!
Other guy: Excuse me, man, but I just WISH I could be as cool as him!
by URGLEFLERGLE March 14, 2010
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A homo is a person who wears their shorts in a fashion so they are halfway down their arse

People who hang around in groups of 3 or more and try to look tough in shopping centers are also consided homo

Homo, meaning Gay or Homosexual. Only homosexuals hang out with buddies who constantly have their pants half down
"OMG, You see those homo's, they are totally gay. Its like the pants are half down as an invite to get his friend to do him in the arse"
by RealWorldAus July 19, 2009
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