Gay black or hispanic men who put on a masculine, hip hop "thug" facade. They walk, talk, and act like tough guys, but behind closed doors they do the nasty with other men.

Homothugs can be observed congregating on New York's infamous Christopher Street. Many of them are male hustlers, since there's a contingent of white yuppie gays who get off on getting bullied/beat up/sexed by homothugs.
Homothug 1: "That n*gga Georgio betta stop talkin' to my man, or I'mma f*ck that nigga up. For real, word is bond yo."

Homothug 2: "Werd up n*gga, I don't play that shit neither."

by Kato Kaelin January 16, 2009
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A man who is a street thug/tough/drug dealer with all the swagger and attire to go with this life but who is actually an "in the closet" homosexual
Money Man ain't nuthing but a homo-thug. His man lives around the way.
by netnet May 04, 2004
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a male who wants to be known as a straight (heterosexual) male to society put enjoys sex with men on the DL
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
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A homo thug is a man who wears hip hop gear or thiggish type clothing and who sleeps around with other men who are like themsleves or claim to be on the DL (Down Low) really Gay is Gay.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
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A homosexual or queer identifying male who dresses, appears and partakes in such activities as would a thug. His attire is stereotypical of hip-hop and street fashion. He may speak with a street slang and present a rough exterior. He can be either butch or femme. This identity has no attachment to race or ethnicity.
I am in love with the new barber at Cordell's! I absolutely hope he's a homo thug!
by Aleksandr June 12, 2007
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A man who acts like a gangsta thug but really enjoys male pussy(anal sex).
"Yo you know Montay, that nigga turned into a homothug from going to prision"
by Symone..AKA Ill NANA May 27, 2004
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