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A song about:

"putting homies over hoes"
"gay rappers"

Its from the TV show the Boondocks. A Pimp Named Slickback (the boondocks) does not like this phrase or you can say sentiment, he thinks its pretty gay (homo).

It's sung by Gangstalicious voiced by Mos Def.
a pimp named slickback discussing things that goes over hoes

A pimp named slickback: "A Turkey sandwhich with just tomato, guaranteed, but homies oh no, a pimp named slickback don't do shit for the homies...sounds like some gay shit to me."

Riley: so what do you think about homies over hoes?

A pimp named slickback: Is that someting at Denny's? I don't know what that is.
by $-$ AUDI $-$ February 06, 2008
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