a straight up dirty backstabbing bitch who will put any sort of friendship aside for a scummy asshole. usually the scummy asshole is best friends with one of her ex boyfriends. it then becomes a whole circle full of nastyness. the homewrecker has a fake ass personality and will come up to you and ask you "whats wrong" even though they know why you are so pissed off. they act like they care but in actuality they dont give a shit. every homewrecker needs a slap in the face and a reality check.
by saerfff March 28, 2010
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michaela: are you tryin to steal my man!?
my: no way.
my: im not a home wrecker
michaela: fuckin homewrecker!
my: ha iknow huh
by Kracka July 11, 2006
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some1 with out morals that comes in and steals, or has sex with someone else's gf or bf.
person 1: dude he impregnated her and now slut 1 want to get in his pants
person 2: dude what a homewrecker
person 1: i know right
by versedaaron May 18, 2008
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A person (usually a girl but guys can be one too) who comes into your life and wrecks it. Such as - a girlfriend/boyfriend who controls everything you do, and sticks their nose into your families business, attempting to ruin their lives as well
Dude, Phillips girlfriend, Jen, Is a home wrecker! She's always calling his mom and his brother names. She lives a few houses down so every time Phillip has friends over, she comes and screams at them to leave. By the end of the day, Jen has Phillips parents fighting with her. there's never peace or quiet with her in our lives"
by tiredofthis July 23, 2009
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