Homeless - adj., the act of doing something that makes one appear to not have a home. In this sense it is said at the time the action is committed (or later to reflect) for maximum effect.
"Hi Honey, how was work?"
"Not great. I was emptying my paper shredder and accidentally spilled the all the paper infront of my co-workers."
"That's turrible."
"Yea I felt really HOMELESS picking up all that paper.
by Ѕςσŧŧγ Ρΐρρΐη December 02, 2009
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An entity that irritates, annoys or agrivates another individual. Also describes those who obviously lack basic mental intelligence. To describe something of poor quality.
Who does this homeless ass bitch think he is?

You know that kid Nathaniel... homeless.

Dam these homeless ass kids be robbin stores
by CheezyTaco67 February 28, 2017
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A person with a home made out of tarp, camping equipment or repurposed recycled paper. Socially, this doesn’t count as a home, even though they lay their head there every night. Technically, the proper terminology is houseless. This is a person without a roof composed of masonry.
The homeless have homes, they’re houseless and happy.
by explainlikeimfive September 19, 2019
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Usually a worthless bum. A parasite who feeds off the blood of the working class while he relaxes, smoking dope and drinking alcohol. Someone who can never be trusted. A troublemaker. A lout.
Jimmy's drug addiction lead to his homelessness. Now he is a worthless bum, harassing people for spare change while defecating on the sidewalk like an animal. Jimmy's favorite president, Obama, promised a free ride but Jimmy didn't get it. Jimmy mad.
by Alucard the last April 09, 2019
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