Descriptive word, sort of comparing ones self to an actual homeless person in relation to clothes, appearance, etc. It is not actually paying out homeless people, rather going for an appreciation of how terrible something really is. Meant to be used as humour.
"But when he suprised me after class, I looked totally homeless that day"
"And they left me at the party all alone, I was totally homeless"
"Why're you being so homeless for?"
by JessMeister October 01, 2007
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A person or action that is absolutely ridiculous and at the same time pisses you off. Similar to saying "oh my God" but actually directing the words at somebody or something that happened.
1. *Jim hurls a basketball randomly in the air over his back and it somehow finds its way in the basket*
Response (Jim's friend): That was unbelievably homeless.
2. Roberto: Hey Kenny I just cheated off you and got a better test mark than you!
Kenny: That's so damn homeless. You're homeless.
by Alex Horn April 21, 2008
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The state of homelessness, refere’s to those without a home, a place to stay, and no permant residence whatsoever. Those who are homeless live miserable, drentched, horid, non-lives. Without a home to themselves/ a residence to sleep in, there’s no where to turn without friends or family. Homeless people are prusumably alone and have nothing or no one. They sleep in parks, bum libraries, bum fast food reaturants, stroll the streets, sleep on the streets and if they’re lucky they sleep in their vehicles. Most are mentally ill, didn’t care about school, have made many careless mistakes w their lives, are mentally insane, are out of work, and w/o friends or family who can help them out. Homelessness is about as worse as it gets and ending up dead, in jail, or in hell seems like the better option. Do something with your life, or bum the streets homeless..
#Homeless #Awarness
by exploding air plane 6969 October 02, 2017
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Homeless - adj., the act of doing something that makes one appear to not have a home. In this sense it is said at the time the action is committed (or later to reflect) for maximum effect.
"Hi Honey, how was work?"
"Not great. I was emptying my paper shredder and accidentally spilled the all the paper infront of my co-workers."
"That's turrible."
"Yea I felt really HOMELESS picking up all that paper.
by Ѕςσŧŧγ Ρΐρρΐη December 02, 2009
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An entity that irritates, annoys or agrivates another individual. Also describes those who obviously lack basic mental intelligence. To describe something of poor quality.
Who does this homeless ass bitch think he is?

You know that kid Nathaniel... homeless.

Dam these homeless ass kids be robbin stores
by CheezyTaco67 February 28, 2017
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