The people who failed in life and hate to work. They can be found in streets. In the winter many of them die in the cold. People in the Christian religion usually try to help them by making a donating station, but only very few of them do.
A homeless doesn't like to work and therefore, they can't buy a house.
by Link972 December 29, 2009
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used to describe something that you didn't like or something that is retarded
guy 1: "I just failed that test....."
guy 2: "yeah it was homeless"
by Snipshow777 June 04, 2010
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A bum.
A wino.
A liberal word, used by effeminate liberals instead of the word "bum."
All good effeminate liberals call bums homeless. By doing this, they can can whine, "Oh, let's all help the homeless," just like the people of San Francisco. They said let's build homes and put all the homeless people inside them. Then nobody will be homeless. Ooh, aren't we good liberals? Barack O'Bama will love us!
So the liberals built homes. Then they went out on the streets and collected all the bums and put them in the homes. See, no more homeless!
Now, the San Francisco coppers have discovered that all those people on the streets who piss on the sidewalk and shit in the gutter and throw muscatel bottles on your front porch have addresses. They aren't homeless.
See, aren't those San Francisco liberals nice? They've spent over 100 million taxpayer dollars, but there are no more homeless people in San Francisco!
Just bums.
by Cap'n Bullmoose August 21, 2008
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Homeless - adj., the act of doing something that makes one appear to not have a home. In this sense it is said at the time the action is committed (or later to reflect) for maximum effect.
"Hi Honey, how was work?"
"Not great. I was emptying my paper shredder and accidentally spilled the all the paper infront of my co-workers."
"That's turrible."
"Yea I felt really HOMELESS picking up all that paper.
by Ѕςσŧŧγ Ρΐρρΐη December 02, 2009
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Politically correct term for a bum, deadbeat, wino, or loser. Usually this person is too lazy to support themselves.
Liberals prefer to call bums and winos homeless instead.
by Bob a Bowie January 03, 2008
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Temporarily or permanently rejected man, aka husband or boyfriend, who has failed to live up to previously agreed-upon behavior. Homelessness can occur at any time when the man utters the following word: cunt, or when the man does any combination of the following: removes his wedding ring for a period of greater than 5 days; makes unreasonable demands for large sums of money; lies repeatedly; refuses to perform any and all household tasks; or strikes the woman in any way.
Jesus Christ, can you believe he's living at his Dad's again? Dude's fucking homeless.

Man, he needs to get it together- he had everything going for him and now he's homeless.
by bananas foster April 07, 2008
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A COMPLETE Alcoholic who doesn't drink water just beer and other alcohol
As i kicked the homeless asshole i stole his beer and his money even though he had $2.25
by WHIZZIE May 13, 2003
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