adj. 1. as or pertaining to one without a home 2. A hobo 3. Someone or something that is amazingly lame beyond belief
Kyle, why did u ditch us and leave us hangin' at the movies?
Well i was going to come but ya' know how it is.
Dude, your so homeless.
by Burrke Hurr June 13, 2003
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a loser who sits on the sidewalk rattling coins and yelling at people and stealing and uses the money to get stoned when nobody is looking
basically a proffessional beggar
i was walking downtown and the fucking homless person started assaulting me
by nothing September 27, 2004
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Lower-middle class American, circa 2009.
We became homeless after our combined income of $25,000 couldn't pay our $800,000 mortgage. I blame the bankers!
by the bakonking October 25, 2009
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Homeless - adj., the act of doing something that makes one appear to not have a home. In this sense it is said at the time the action is committed (or later to reflect) for maximum effect.
"Hi Honey, how was work?"
"Not great. I was emptying my paper shredder and accidentally spilled the all the paper infront of my co-workers."
"That's turrible."
"Yea I felt really HOMELESS picking up all that paper.
by Ѕςσŧŧγ Ρΐρρΐη December 02, 2009
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The state of homelessness, refere’s to those without a home, a place to stay, and no permant residence whatsoever. Those who are homeless live miserable, drentched, horid, non-lives. Without a home to themselves/ a residence to sleep in, there’s no where to turn without friends or family. Homeless people are prusumably alone and have nothing or no one. They sleep in parks, bum libraries, bum fast food reaturants, stroll the streets, sleep on the streets and if they’re lucky they sleep in their vehicles. Most are mentally ill, didn’t care about school, have made many careless mistakes w their lives, are mentally insane, are out of work, and w/o friends or family who can help them out. Homelessness is about as worse as it gets and ending up dead, in jail, or in hell seems like the better option. Do something with your life, or bum the streets homeless..
#Homeless #Awarness
by exploding air plane 6969 October 02, 2017
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The people who failed in life and hate to work. They can be found in streets. In the winter many of them die in the cold. People in the Christian religion usually try to help them by making a donating station, but only very few of them do.
A homeless doesn't like to work and therefore, they can't buy a house.
by Link972 December 29, 2009
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Homeless has taken on a new meaning. It's new meaning: Homeless: Cool, tight,
ex; That blowjob was homeless!
Check out his new ride, it's homeless.
by Vie Gina February 22, 2005
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