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A phrase most commonly used in a situation that is appaling or unbelievable. Similar to holy shit.
by c0balt April 08, 2006
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A celebrity free pass is an agreement between you and your significant other that if you meet said celebrity and there is an opportunity to sleep with them, your partner cannot get mad at you for doing so because you had agreed before hand that this person was your celebrity free pass. It is ideal if both of you in the relationship choose a celebrity free pass so that the playing field is even.
Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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A phrase that is more socially acceptable than "HOLY SHIT!" Most of the time... Occasionally...
(fast forward to 12/23/2012...maybe)

The Human race: "HOLY TITS!"

by admiralcrunchycrunch January 02, 2009
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When a woman has tits so large, they project heavenly light, and even angels sing their praises. You can hear the Casp in Holy Tits.
All praise, the Holy Tits!
by The Slending Angel March 30, 2015
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The breasts of a nun or other female member of the clergy. This expression is most commonly used when your buddy decides to drive like he is Dale Earnhardt himself.
Josh, "Hey, We should go left!"
-tires squeal as Josh yanks the car into a power slide-
Sarah, "Holy tits!"
by lSd3d April 05, 2006
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A portmanteau of 'holy shit' and plain old 'tits' that expresses great surprise or shock.
by Tricksie August 31, 2010
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