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Definition 1:
A long expression used in reaction when something unbelievably crazy has just occurred / been witnessed / someone has found out about.

Definition 2:
Can also be used to describe the actions of an individual or group, who has just completed something of remarkable skill or achievement, and are worthy of comparison to Batmans skills.

Derived from the Robin ‘The Boy Wonders’ TV show catchphrase;

“Holy (insert object / person / event here) Batman!!”
Example 1:

Greg: “I just saw two trains crash together, and everybody onboard walked off alive!”

Jake: ”Holy fucking pit shit Batman!”

Example 2:

James Bond: "I just saved the world, killed the bad guy, fucked three women, and learnt how to tap-dance all on the way back here to HQ"

M: "Holy fucking pig shit Batman!"
by Mr Captain Monkey February 07, 2012
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