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a small white trash city right next to daytona beach, florida. full of drunks, trailer trash, and mad pill poppers. not just the kids, but the adults too. most kids drop out of school by age 16 sometimes even sooner, commiting truency. stealing, drugs, prostitution, and domestic abuse is very common along with homeless people. 2 schools; a middle school and elementry school full of punk ass kids mostly blacks and hispanics. this city is full of losers that will never acomidate to be anything important, just a failure and a fail parent, resulting in a never ending cycle.
dude 1: dude i have to go into holly hill florida to get my weed and pills, luckily the xanex only costs 1.50$ea for 2mg, because everone has them and they're so easy to get but they're weed is dirt.

dude 2: damn dude that sucks, ive been there before, its more like "holy hell" rather than holly hill. you should just go to the town right next to it; ormond beach, they have dank weed, but you cant beat those pill prices
by a pinto bean January 14, 2011
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