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katie allen's best friend forever. they're two hot girls who are always together. the only reason that they wouldn't be together is if they had different classes but they are so cool and awesome that without them the world would stop spinning. katie allen loves holly guenther forever and ever.
Holly guenther is not that great at sports but she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is really tall and skinny. she is flawless and people wish that they were her because she can get any guy she wants. you would be very lucky to have a holly guenther in your life.
hey have you seen holly? ya she's with katie.
i can't find katie, oh well if you find katie im sure that they'll be together.
god holly guenther is so hot, id be so luck to be her boyfriend.
who wouldn't love holly guenther? she's perfect.
by KatieAllen loves HollyGuenther September 01, 2010
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