The most fucked up thing known to man (often said by older people) Something that is so screwed up it is not even understandable.
Wow, Jim and Tom really blew that presentation.

Yah they were all fucked up like hogan's goat!
by razzle313 October 22, 2008
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In 1855 a European goat farmer by the name of Hoek Hogan raised a particularly disgusting goat. This goat quickly became famous for being the most horrific smelling and ugly creature to wander the fields. It is legend that his scent could be detected from over a kilometer away (.6217 miles).

To compare something to hogan's goat is considered a great insult.
"Timmy hasn't bathed in a week. He smells like Hogan's goat"

"She wanted me to eat her pussy, but it looked like Hogan's goat. So I ate out her butt instead"
by Ollywood Hoek Hogan November 23, 2009
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Hogan's Goat is a 1965 play by William Alfred. (Wiki). The common phrase is "This makes Hogan's Goat look like a precision instrument!" It is less about being 'totally f*****d' and more a ludicrous, convoluted lampoon of politics in general.
"This makes Hogan's Goat look like a precision instrument!"
by Oh, my WORD November 28, 2020
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