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A mentality based on a lack of accountability for whore(hoeish) acts, statements, and presentation. Its displayed everywhere now all over America in every Race of women! A common place to view it is social media! Its highlighted by direct and covert use of sexual innuendo to gain leverage for "Free Fun Time". Women who qualify to be categorized in "Hoe Culture" are users & schemers who feel its a privilege for the man to be played.
Women who tweerk for likes suffer from a "hoe culture" mind
by Mars Depot October 21, 2015
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The mentality based on lack of accountability for whore (hoeish) acts, statements, and presentation. A lot of these actions and activities fit into the realm of hoeculture. One of the main places you see it is social media where women degrade themselves for "likes". Instagram is the biggest outlet. Learning to recognize it can save a man from misery behind a cute face, big ass, and titties.

Per Mars
Kim K always poses nude on the net. Her HoeCulture tactics fuel her marketing strategy which helps keep her relevant.

Women who pose half/fully nude for likes (not their profession)
Thirst trappers
by PillCosby3 September 21, 2015
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