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Also called puck sluts, puck bunnies, or rink rats, a hockey chick is a girl that has a fetish for the game of hockey and it's players. The term is broad, as some are moms of youth players, or teenage girls that dig young guys. Hockey Chick's range from obscenely hot, to grotesque.
"Coach fucked Bobby Orr! Hockey Chick...!"

-Hanson Brothers. Slap Shot 2 (About the female coach)
by Ringmaster - USMC February 14, 2009
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A girl who plays hockey. Hockey chicks are usually really good, serious about their sport, and kick your ass.
That hockey chick over there? Yeah, she's pretty hot.
by imapepper01 August 28, 2008
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An awesome girl, who plays hockey and is serious about it and good at it. this doesn't apply if you play on a girls or women's team, a hockey chick don't need a watered down no hitting game. she skates with the guys and leads the pack. her team respects her and she's most likely a redhead, totally gorgeous and she doesn't waste time on frilly girly crap when she can be on the ice she loves.
guy 1: hey you see that hot chick over there?
guy 2: yeah she's bomb man! you know her?
guy 1: yeh she's a hockey chick, starting center for the school, total bamf
by Meltinfire September 21, 2009
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