a hobo iz anythin n everything
you're a hobo * bla*
diz drink tastes hobo * bla*
aww ur soo hobo *yay*
by KaSia January 02, 2005
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Hang Over Body Odor - a ripe stench that permeates from within created from a night of heavy drinking and reeks like a combination of alcohol, sweat and body funk.
Dude, you need to finally get home from last night and scrub that HOBO off your parts.
by Squeel May 21, 2008
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Random people on the street who constantly ask you for money. when you do give them money they spend it on drugs and alcohol. This is when you pascal them and kill them
Joe:Hey Bob did you see those hobos on the street the other day?

Bob: Yeah I did someone mustve pascal'd them. Then MURDERED THEM!!!
Joe:Probably because they took the epic beard man's money and were going to use it on alcohol.
by bobo the monkey guy June 04, 2012
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Ragged individual that travels illegaly on freight trains. Most commonly found hiding in railyards. known to be alcoholics.
Man crackron (Akron) is full of hobo's
by mike kodish October 20, 2003
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a bum basically. person living off scraps in da streets.
hey look over there chantelle's a hobo. shes gonna get hobo of da yr.
by shaza January 22, 2007
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After a woman shaves her pussy, the hair gradually grows back. After four or five days, it reaches the hobo stage. After a week or more, the stage is called "sailor."
Example 1, he to her: "Oh, I see you're at the hobo stage again."
Example 2, she to him, "Watch out, there's a hobo down there!"
by Khizzar November 27, 2009
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1) someone/friend who keeps on clinging on to you when s/he needs something. Especially food/money. And when you have nothing to give he would just scram and leave as if s/he doesn't know you.

2) A beggar; worst than a stray cat

3) A beggar with a bitchy attitude

4) A whore/slut
Lia: Hey, do you know that skeeze?
Faye: Who? That guy?
Lia: Yeah
Faye: Definitely, that guy is a HOBO!


Nika: That F***ing HOBO!!
Daphne: What happened??
Nika: He slept with me last night and when I woke up this morning my wallet/purse is gone and so as all my money!
Daphne: Damn!

HOBO: so hungry...
Stray cat: *eating some fish from a garbage can*
HOBO: give me that you stupid cat!!
Street cat: meow!
by WhatTheHellAreYouLookingAt!! January 28, 2009
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