n. Habitually poorly attired soul who has chosen to sink below society's infrastructure into a murky world where freedom is all.

So, you coming to the Debutante Ball?

No, I see myself as more of a hobo than a debutante.
by gelpy1 January 01, 2015
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A magical guy named Bob who lives in L.A. but wishes he lived in canada so that he could get free health care, but no... his grandpa had to move to L.A. so he could get a nicer cardboard box and so Bob would have to inherit a smelly old cardboard box
Bob the magical hobo wishes he lived in canada
by Bob, the magical hobo November 21, 2003
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An extremely awesome man (or woman) who lives on the streets of a nearby town or city. They like having children sit on their laps and occasionally enjoy a moonlit stroll in the park with a fellow friend.
That guy is awesomely living on the street; he must be a hobo!!
by Brikiquita April 25, 2010
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Hobo, meaning homeward bound, first was used for soldiers coming back from the american civil war. But now we just use it to describe homeless people otherwise knowen as bums tramps or sometimes just errrrr look at him.
hello friendly hobo, have some pennies.
by Olllllie October 04, 2007
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1.) A poor person that lives on the streets.
2.)A fun word to say
1.)Man that ho-bo ate my dog.
2.)Hobo hobo go hobo go
by ?? February 04, 2003
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