"do ya know who hoagie is?"
"yeah Hoagie's da coolest asian i know!"
by hoagiehoagie October 14, 2020
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That kid Michael has a little hoagie with no meat of mayo. Cassie said there she took one bite and she was out of there.
by jefferson85_man December 30, 2018
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A hogie is a Southern speciality where a man lubricates the inner fat folds of a voluptuous woman (the more obese, the better) with his choice of oily condiment (e.g. butter, mayonnaise, anchovy oil) and the he proceeds to vigorously wank off using her greased fat/skin folds as sexual friction.
Hickory Brisket, a well known Coora Lite enthusiast and lover of Frito pies, performed a hoagie on Ms. Sally Lou Harietta at the Alabama State Fair behind the Walmart.
by Hickory Brisket February 17, 2018
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