the proper word for a sandwich on a long roll, most likely with meats, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. if it is toasted, it is a grinder. if you go anywhere beyond Philadelphia and its suburbs, they call it a submarine sandwich BUT THATS WRONG.
let's go up to Wawa and get us some hoagie jawns ya feel
by jawnjawn jones March 07, 2018
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A penis
word originated in philly because everyone around there is a dick
Hey white girl suck on my Hoagie

i got a hoagie for ya
by Michael Arguelles December 12, 2004
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A blowjob given to a man from Philadelphia with an abnormally large penis
(sometimes spelled "hogie" or "hoggie")
Girl 1: "Have you met that new guy from Philly? He's got a HUGE cock!"

Girl 2: "Really?"

Girl 1: "Yeah, I gave him a hoagie last night behind that new club downtown."
by MacksAtrill October 16, 2012
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1.a small asian who is your slave/chaffeur and who buys illegal product.

2.a worthless 21 year old who has no friends so he resorts to hanging with younger kids.
Gio: Yo, you Hoagie bring me to Mcdonalds then the liquor store, pronto!!!!
Hoagie: Suuure, maassster :(

Sam: yo. why are you at a party with teenagers?
Hoagie: i have no friends in college so thats why.
Sam: you are such a hoagie, get away you perv.
by Long Johnson April 04, 2008
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A nickname for the most bad-ass person you will ever know also a term for a baby ninja.
That kids a hoagie!
by Hoagies November 03, 2009
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daaaayum, i want that hoagie!

wow ronnie you and cory are such hoagies! *mumbles "fuckin cake"*
by rinnerssss December 19, 2009
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A sandwich, of Italian American origin, eaten in Australia by me, made with hot peppers, sweet peppers, lettuce, sliced tomato, slices of cheese, vertically sliced polski ogorki (a type of pickle), and tuna in a lemon aioli, this is a man's sandwich and it's on a long Italian bread roll, the first time I ate it, it made me sick, but I can toughen up and eat it again.
Let's eat a hoagie.
Fuck it, I'm eating an Italian BMT (bacon, meat and tomato) sub from Subway!
by King Charles Evergreen June 21, 2019
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