Don't put a e at the end of there or else.
P1: Hi Ho
P2:What did you-
P3: I think it meant your last name.
P2: Presses x for doubt
P1: :|
P3: Okay just calm down!
Kay: I was NOT triggered until NOW
P3: I Didn't mean-
Kay: Shut up P3, you don't even have a name
Everyone got tri-
Everyone: How dare you narrator say I was triggered.>:(
by Blah. It's a person April 07, 2020
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What an uneducated slut calls another female during a fight
by Alexbonestele July 22, 2017
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A term of endearment used between close friends and siblings with an excellent sense of humor.
"Hey, ho!";
"Thanks for the pep talk Sam; you're a real ho!";
"Josh, I got yo' back; you ' my ho!"
by samsbestie November 22, 2011
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