It is commonly said that Santa Claus only cums once per year, however, this is not true. Santa Claus only cums one DAY per year -- because his wife is frigid -- and that day is Xmas Eve -- however, Santa tries to cum AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE on that one day he has away from Mrs. Claus.
This is why every time Santa lands his sleigh down anywhere outside of the North Pole, you always hear him yelling out "Ho, ho, ho!"
by Peter Buttram November 22, 2006
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what santa says
Another way to call a hoe
Ho Ho Ho I'm calling my hoe.
by TrollerDefines December 6, 2014
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a distinguished way to call someone a hoe. such as...
The girl in the room was a ho ho ho.
by Hannuh Bananuh January 14, 2007
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Noun. As in to get or receive, it is the removal of someone from your life or getting fired just at Christmas time...
Sally knew Christmas was the season of giving so she finally decided to give her boyfriend Paul the heave ho ho ho.
by sheila in the car December 2, 2012
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Guys have destroy dick december so girls have ho ho ho december. Girls get to be hoes through the whole month of december, and nobody can judge.
guy: she’s talking to 5 different guys!
girl: it’s ho ho ho december what do you expect.
by taylor ray December 30, 2019
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what black santa says b4 he breaks into your house to steal your toys/wife.
Black Santa: ho ho ho mofo i gots your wife!
by torra borra May 24, 2004
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