Elf 1: Whoa! Check out Mrs. Claus!
Elf 374,045,234.7: Yeah... she gives new meaning to the term "ho ho ho"!
by Rustin Moble January 12, 2006
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1. What the jolly Santa famously says.
2. What John McClane includes in his hilarious message to Hans Gruber in Die Hard.
3. Destiny's Child.
1. Ho ho ho, merry christmas kiddies.
2. Now I've got a machine gun. Ho ho ho.
3. The bitter cold of christmas time doesn't stop them hangin around on street corners.
by Metatron December 24, 2005
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Something said when one needs to be perceived as jovial but when you are in actual fact pissed well and truly off.
Child: Oh look its Santa!
Santa: Ho-ho-ho!

Or as in the of the Jolly Green Giant.

Jolly Green Giant: I come from the valley and I stand for goodness.
Chorus (sings): Greeeeen Gi-ant.
Jolly Green Giant: Ho-ho-ho.
by Mark Brendans January 18, 2006
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Something Santa says when he sees your wife, daughter, and sister in the same room.
Santa: Hohoho! DAMN you're girls are fine
by me=beast March 17, 2010
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1. Santa's most famous words

2. What you see when, three slutty girls walk by.

3. The wrong way to spell a garden tool
1. ho ho ho, Merry Chrismas!

2. Merry XXX-Mas, ho ho ho.

3. I said, get the ho ho ho !
by Desmond Shoals April 09, 2008
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