something that somepeople find hard to beilieve in for we were never there how can we be sure it happened, for all we know the world that we live in, or better yet, the reality could be in a farce, a lie and perhaps weve been mind-fucked for an experiment and that everything has been a result of years of careful planning made by one super-power, but maybe power has nothing to do with it and that bussiness itself exists within our reality and not theirs, or prehaps on account to what daniel quinn was saying for all those years, perhaps its mother culture who produces the theories and the consiricy ideas to make us forget, maybe history did happen but people who "try to look at it in a different way" are the ones with the second hidden agenda, perhaps we'll never know
no example will really enough to express this
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They say the purpose of learning history is to learn from mistakes, I just wonder when they will.
Random guy: What have you learnt about the history of hispanic caused violence in Mexico?
Other guy: like in the 15th century or now?
Random guy: Either one I guess
by Fromadripunderpressure February 02, 2019
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Basically, your learning about dead people who have nothing to do with you. So I advise you to run.
"You and me have a whole lot of HISTORY!"

Wtf did I writeπŸ˜‚
by Ariana West March 09, 2016
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the number subject where it crushes your dreams and eventually scar you because who knows history might tell you that your great great great grandpa is napolean or it will tell that your pet dog is the korean version of chicken
history: noun. the subject that would tell that your not the first person on the damn moon #jealous bitch
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by Homework Hater March 30, 2017
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could be one of the (best) subjects ever if you have the right teacher.
omg history was so much fum with mr. Tony
by thisisshit February 09, 2019
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