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to vomit violently outside a university building, due to unnecessary alcohol consumption, disgracing both oneself and giving those around much to laugh at.
I am feeling very rough today, oh i think i might hirst.

I did a major hirst on the way to meet my hockey team for breakfast this morning.
by STAUWHC April 16, 2009
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being a cougar, only going for younger guys and talking to all of them at a time. total get it girl.
What is she doing?
Oh she's hirsting it with those boys
by aka12321 September 09, 2010
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When a friend of acquaintance adds an inexplicable surcharge to a casual financial transaction - which you strongly suspect him of pocketing.
"The ticket for the gig said $45 but he hirstied it to $50. He mumbled something about booking charges. "

First Bro: "I gave Dave $20 to get us four coffees. He only gave me $4 change."
Second Bro: "Man, he has totally hirstied you."
by The_Trill_LV June 29, 2013
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