A derogatory word fashionable young people use to refer to other fashionable young people that they don't like.
Ugh, John and his friends are such hipsters.
by Tinyfolk December 29, 2008
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A man/woman who wears tight clothing and will deny being a hipster if asked. Usually listens to esoteric music until a non-hipster does. At rocks shows, stands still with one foot tapping along with the music and there thumbs in there pockets and may or may not subtly nod their head with the beat. Added bonus if in more than one band and has a master's degree in pop-culture.
Male hipster: "I wear woman's jeans."
Female hipster: "You're in more than one band? Let's make out."
Male/Female hipster: "You drink pino grigio too?!?! Let's make out."
by Chris Manley August 13, 2005
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Men and women, mostly yuppies, in their early to late twenties. They love simple clothes and work at hipster places like American Apparel. Hipster men love to wear slim fitting sweatshirts and straight legged jeans or a solid colored tee, hot shorts, sweatband, and vinatge sunglasses. The women hipsters like to wear a floppy bohemian dress, dark stockings, slouch boots, a blazer, and a pendant necklace that comes down to their chest. When it comes to hair, hipster guys prefer to have scruffy beards and wavy hair- any length. Women have long wavy hair with little or no layers, but with eyebrow length bangs. All hipsters are obsessed with music, style, and movie subcultures. Their main goal is to look "cool", but they never use that word to describe anything.
OMG she like listens to The Kills and reads Vice magazine, she is sooo hipster.
by htotheetothello December 06, 2006
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1. someone who thinks they are cooler than everyone else even though their clothes look like they come from the Salvation Army. Hipsters usually migrate towards Williamsburg because its their "mecca of art and everything cool" even though they themselves are not cool. Hipsters usually reside in the up and coming condos and pay outrageous rent all the while trying to maintain that "poor artist" facade. Their clothes look like they made it themselves. Hipsters listen to music no one else has heard of and are often times dirty, smelly, and an eye-sore. They need to get themselves a cheeseburger because their way too skinny and move out of our neighborhoods. ONLY eat organic/vegan meals. Hipsters are primarily voting for Obama because hes cool.Hey Manhattan, stop moving to Brooklyn!
In a supermarket:
"Yea, um, where can I find the all-natural organic, no perservatives, no sugar fat-free ice cream?"

"I am listening to ______ and watching Trainspotting. I'm so cool."

"I dont like conformists. I like to be unique and stand out and not be associated with anything corporate."
"What's that your drinking?"
"Starbucks is a corporate company/brand dumbass."
"I'm not a conformist, I'm a hipster."
by Cyndouche October 15, 2008
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Hipsters are the young people who thrive well in the current high-velocity society, but prefer not to be a part of larger commercial institutes, in which adaptability and speed are very useful means of getting successful. They highly appreciate creativity, and always manage to quickly establish 'the latest and coolest' places and entities of art. In that sense, they form a solid subculture of versatile progressiveness. Their constant avant-garde position sets them apart from the rest of society, which offers them a sense of dignity. This sense of dignity mainly comes down to being different, but still being able to do well, and therefore be superior, for they would not need the community at large. A striking example of this is the do-it-yourself attitude of many of the older 'hipsters'. However, because they are at that front position collectively, their self-respect from thriving without the rest of society, especially the parents, is under threat. This results in them fetishising uniqueness. This paradox of a community hating on conformity is reinforced by its worship of other-ness; that drives them to continuously move ahead, away from 'the rest', to feel special over and over, and thus constantly worthy as anti-conformists. It's for this reason that hipsters despise being called one; it labels them.
The paradoxal nature of hipster culture is underlined by their ambiguous approach to materialism; they reject it, but attach great value to clothing in particular, to liberalism; they pledge for individual freedom, but do not believe in full individual responsibility, to sexual divergence; hipster men grow beards and hipster women admire innocence but are androgynous at the same time, and to vintage culture, which they embrace but always adjust.

Daniel is a hipster: he wears vintage clothes that are accepted as cool and alternative, listens to bands that are on the rise and mix traditional post-punk elements with sought for newness, is incredibly liberal in every sense but the economical one, regards Berlin as his Mecca, has a new favourite bar every couple of months, never engages in long-term romantic relationships, does not see gay culture as threatening for society's perception of masculinity, since that perception is already disadvantageous to his androgyny, portrays himself as having extraordinairily good taste and being unique and does all of this together with his peers.
by Anders Denks-Om July 26, 2012
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One crucial point is often overlooked in these definitions. HIPSTERS COME FROM SUBURBAN OR RURAL AREAS AND REINVENT THEMSELVES UPON ARRIVING IN BROOKLYN. If you were born and raised in lower Manhattan or south Brooklyn you are not a hipster. People will try to push us true New Yorkers into that group but we are different. I'll call "us" New York cool kids. We're into different things. We don't like being cheap always and doing indie stuff. Our sense of taste wasn't learned at age 20, we have had it since a young age since we've grown up in this city. Think the movie "Kids" versus "Garden State," "Kids" being us and "Garden State" being hipsters. Another tell tale sign of a New York cool kid is that we like New York hip-hop a lot because it was what we grew up on. Mob Deep, Diplomats, etc... We don't like Miike Snow etc... Also we know the real network of people that are on the scene and doing things in the art, fashion, and nightlife worlds. We go to the new clubs on opening night because we're best friends with the owner. Hipsters are broke faggots who create some kind of "cool" world with other broke ass nobodies. NYC cool kids get money. We are street kids or hang with street kids. Our parents are the people who were born here or moved here in the early 80's. To us the most important part of our identity is to have grown up in the city.
Tim from who lives in Bushwick but hails from Delaware is a hipster faggot. He eats trail mix, wears wack purple 98% cotton 2% spandex jeans, and likes the band Warpaint.

Jack from New York City likes sports but knows how to dress and well is genuinely cool.
by RealNewYork March 12, 2011
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