A hippie trip is slang for that feeling during or a little after smoking hookah. When you feel light-headed and feel like you might throw up. This sensation may feel uncomfortable or rad.
"Man I had a hippie trip last night"
by Joe Smith Shmoe February 26, 2012
When people through a fit relating to some sort of hippie issue.
"Karma threw a hippie fit at the store when she found out the turkey wasnt organic"

"I threw a total hippie fit when I saw them throwing away all the recycling!"
by Dancin' Karma Bear August 10, 2013
the notion or action of beating a hippy due to them being a pollution of socity
by holllllllyu January 19, 2012
A song Created By Singer/Songwriter Dombrowski
Have you heard Those Damn Hippies? It's pretty Damn Groovy I'd have to say. ☮❤
by Who dis den June 24, 2022
Frugality taken to the next step, or all the way to your buddies fridge. Taking an almost unnoticeable amount of something (typically food) with the intention of replacing it... in some karmic form... at some distant future date, until there's only an unusable amount left.
Sage was a very courteous roommate, he was always thoughtful enough to leave a hippie-half-share of my milk in the fridge.
by Dj smiles January 18, 2022