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That god awful perfume granola heads wear that smells all earthy.....otherwise known as Patchouli. Scent is associated with Dead Heads, dreads and hairy, liberal, college girls. Often mixed with the smell of pot, unwashed feet and incense. Can also be mixed with the exhaust fumes of an old VW bus.
Smell that?....What?.....The aroma of hippie dip. Ya know that earthy, wet dirt smell.......There must be a fucking granola head close by. I can smell that Patchouli shit from a mile away!
by Ozsevenzero February 01, 2008
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Similar to the candy flip and hippie flip. The hippie dip is when one takes a pinch of dip (preferably Skoal because that is just American as fuck) and then proceeds to roll the tobbacco in some powder meth and hold it in their lip as a dip. Dale Yeah! America!
Example 1

Butterfly: Woah! You're tweaking haaarrd!
Sunshine: Dude, I'm hippie dipping my nuts off!

Example 2

Wildflower: I wanna take it to the next level, but im not sure what to do?
The Wizard: You should hippie dip!
Wildflower: What the fuck is that? you mean hippie flip?
thc wizard: NO! Really? you've never hippie dipped? thats super loose butthole!
by February 28, 2012
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