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The target-like dot on the head of most Hindu men and women alike.

The dot symbolizes the target acquired by most Muslim and Sikh lovers of the hindu "faith".
Cows see this dot as a convenient place to urinate, so it can dribble down the face of the hindu worshipper, and right into his mouth.

Cow urine is a common drink among hindu followers, and they will also feast on cow feces on some occasions.

Hindus fear the wrath of the cow, so they buy cows gifts often, and the cows just end up taking massive dumps on these gifts.
Hindus also have a big affinity to monkeys and elephants, because they too, are hindu Gods.

A hindu man's attainment of Nirvana is complete when he has anally pleasured an elephant and a baby monkey on the same day. He will then go home and ejaculate all over his daughter's face while she consumes the semen thinking it is holy.
The hindu bulls eye is a perfect target to urinate upon.
by HinduMaaKiChut November 26, 2009
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getting you dick deep throated by a hindu chick

when your about to jizz

you jizz on her forehead on the red dot

the cum will run down her nose into her mouth and you will make her eat it

100 points if it hits the dot directly
50 points if it is barely on the dot
20 if its close to the dot
10 if its around the forehead
hey girl hold up with the sucking im gonna hit the hindu bulls eye

ohh yeah! i hit the hindu bulls eye
by brodom1 November 20, 2009
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