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A village of five thousand something people 12 miles NW of Rochester, NY. Has two stoplights, located at each end of Main Street, which is only like 300 feet long. Tends to be fairly conservative. Has a McDonald's and a handful of diners that serve the same basic fare. For fun, residents usually go kill time at the mall in Greece. Most people you meet there will have lived there for most of their lives, young or old. If you've been in the Hilton school district for most or all of your school life, you can most likely name 50+ people who you've known since elementary school. Has a carnival every summer and the "Apple Fest" on the first weekend in October. It is in no way associated with Paris Hilton the Hilton hotel family. The schools have good athletics and arts programs, but are pretty average otherwise.
A: I'm from Hilton, New York.
B: So, like, does Paris Hilton own your town, or something?
by sponge417 May 28, 2011
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