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Similar to hood rich, except involving rural whites. If you see a doule wide with a collapsing roof, but 4 new cars in the driveway, you know that you are driving by a hillbilly rich family's domicile. Just as is the case with those who are hood rich, the realities of one's personal finances is unimportant. As a result, most who are hillbilly rich have atrocious credit and have possessions repossessed frequently.
My cousins are so hillbilly rich that they cant afford to pay their electric bill. They would have had the money to, but then they bought a new Tahoe (they had to get something to replace the Mustang the repo guys came and got). I cant blame them, though, because it would be more fun to be hillbilly rich than poor.
by lacoste_lover December 03, 2005
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