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Noun: Coming from a city or place relatively close to sea level to one of a higher altitude, you:
1. Need to consume less alcohol to get drunk
2. Drink the same amount as "usual" and are HAMMERED
3. Drink on top of a mountain and get progressively drunker as you decend the mountain (particularly at a high rate of speed, such as on skis or a snowboard).
4. Drinking on the roof of a sky-scraper. Baller.

Synonyms: hot-tub drunk; sauna drunk; desert drunk
1. "We stopped at the airport bar in Denver during our lay over and I fell off my bar stool after pounding one beer"

2. "Psh, I've only had like 4 shots. I haven't thrown up from drinking in YEARS! That shi... (HUAGHHHHhhphtppbl...)

3. "3 beers at the summit bar and I had a good buzz on, then I couldn't get my skiblades off at the bottom. Just walked to the bathroom with 'em on."

4. "It's going to be nice out, come up to my rooftop to get high-altitude drunk."
by Lets Winter March 30, 2013
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