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1. Unique facial expression with origins in the team photos of those who played hockey in high school. Most notably, the high school hockey face entails mildly crossed eyes (at least one eye), a slightly cocked head, the chin jutting outward, an lips curled over.
2. The look given by a girl from Minnesota while in bed early in the morning after learning she will not be given a ride home and told to call a cab.
1. Examples can be found in high school year books from the upper midwest dating 1960's - present.
2. See opening sequence of the movie Happy Gilmore.
3. Guy A: Man there's a lot of dorks at the mall today.
Guy B: I know, dude, check out the guy in the food court with the high school hockey face.
Guy A: Did he just try to walk through a window?
3. Geez, she was pissed. I was way too hung over to drive her home but when I told her to grab a cab she just glared at me. Reminded me of a guy I got in a fight with back in Minnestoa during my senior year hockey season.
by E aka Rooster December 15, 2008
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