Another way of telling someone hello.
When Roll.EXE flirts with MegaMan.EXE, she begins by usually saying Hiya, Mega!"
by VD Peruvian February 28, 2015
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A battlecry a ninja yells when the ninja is ready to attack.
Before I attacked the ninja he yelled "Hiya",but I wasn't scared.
by James Grimmer June 15, 2004
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Yell made by Ninja's in mid-air while doing a flying kick.
Hi-Ya! The Ninja yelled when he was about to hit the M in the stomach.
by Saco23 March 09, 2008
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A very beautiful female. she is also smart and funny. many people would like to be her friend. though she might only have one true best friend. she likes to hang out with everyone.
by alltheusernameiusearetaken November 04, 2019
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