Another way of telling someone hello.
When Roll.EXE flirts with MegaMan.EXE, she begins by usually saying Hiya, Mega!"
by VD Peruvian February 28, 2015
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A battlecry a ninja yells when the ninja is ready to attack.
Before I attacked the ninja he yelled "Hiya",but I wasn't scared.
by James Grimmer June 15, 2004
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Yell made by Ninja's in mid-air while doing a flying kick.
Hi-Ya! The Ninja yelled when he was about to hit the M in the stomach.
by Saco23 March 09, 2008
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Often said as a way to take part in a strenuous activity, such as karate chops, Dale Gribble swinging his golf club.
"Chet" Hey Sage, put all your might into this one.

"Sage" Hi Ya! That was a good try
by Hi-Ya Zip July 26, 2008
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