A female or male which are not bi or gay but is straight. They may do stuff with the same sex or have sexual dreams over same sex. They would never go out or date same sex
by A.JZ August 10, 2006
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A person who identifies themselves as primarily heterosexual but can find the same sex sexually appealing.
Most girls I know are heteroflexible.
by Syzygy April 01, 2003
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A primarily heterosexual person who's not opposed to occasional same-sex trysts when circumstances permit.
"Jake swears that most of his fraternity brothers are heteroflexible once they've chilled with a few beers."
by Blackwelder January 17, 2006
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A person who enjoys sex with both male & females but considers themself heterosexual in the sense that they do not relate with the same sex for an emotional relationship like a bi-sexual could. Heteroflexible is a heterosexual person that is beyond the bi-curious stage but would never engage in an emotional relationship with the same sex.
I like the fact that my wife is heteroflexible, she really likes girls as an appeitizer before she's ready for the main course!
by Terri & Dan October 25, 2007
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A straight man thats open to messing around with other guys whenever he just wants to bust a nut.
I can be heteroflexible if theres no females around
by Valencia91 September 04, 2020
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A straight individual who is has/ or is not opposed to having sexual relations with the same sex.

Predominantly found in straight women who enjoy making out with other females.

A hetero-flexible person is most likely to engage is same-sex sex zero to several times. However, would not be against a a relationship with the same sex.

Also could be considered bi-curious.
Jamie: Is that woman making out with the hot blonde girl a lesbian?

Suzy: No, just another hetero-flexible.

Jamie: Damn.
by yesiam June 03, 2007
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A person that identifies as heterosexual, but doesn't seem to draw any real lines when it comes to sexual contact.
"Have you ever noticed how many women in that sorority seem to be hetero-flexible?"
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
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