When someone has a sexual herpes on their hand that they got from sexual activity or from a red marker
OMG that Butch witch has hand herpes
by mrstealyobish69 April 26, 2015
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used to tell someone that some one else DEFINATELY has some sort of STD
Dan has had sex with so many chicks I think he has gona-sphi-herpe-aid
by Mary-Jo April 11, 2006
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When you fuck a mexican who has aids and then you eat his ass then makes out. After that you cum inside his herpes full mouth.
by Sebastian esperöd November 29, 2018
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whale herpes is a disease associated heavily with whale feces and burning mantra poo. Whales don't typically have diseases but there are some occasions where whales can get it from humans
whale herpes is running rampant in the ocean nowadays
by jive turkey 23 May 29, 2011
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The process of mis-typing words that tends to sporadically affect other people
I caught your "typo herpes"

Stay away from Bobby... He has typo herpes!
by PsychoLogic1989 March 18, 2018
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(n) Glitter, glitter fucking everywhere. Just like herpes, you can never get rid of it! It's there for life.
After the show she found herself covered in showgirl herpes
by Danny London March 16, 2015
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