Something punks on the down low get in their rear, mouth or ear!
"Leroy say he wunt on da down low. But I knowen how he git them herpes in da moff. It wat from eaten no black pussy cuz he kno what it been up in dems!"
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
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herpes oconnell
by the haterz February 12, 2011
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Adjective used to describe something that is real cool. Similiar slang terms are "Bitchin", "the Shit", and "Tits".
"My parents bought me a car for graduation."
"Wow, man! That's just herpes!"
by Jebus January 15, 2005
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after a vigiros hour of having sex with a dog then getting big old ugly warts on your testicles and having andre lick them off
oii last night i got herpes
by 12345673452426g September 21, 2011
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(verb)the art of sexually pleasing your partner orally
Bo protested after Hubie offered him herpes.
by General May 1, 2005
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v. to search for reptiles or amphibians
They were herping all morning and saw three rattlesnakes
by reptiles October 4, 2002
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that funk on your junk and lips that you thought was a cold sore, but it turned out to be a friendly reminder of that time you went to India
-"Dude! Whats that on your mouth?"
="...Its The Herp. I picked it up last time I was in India..."
-"That sucks! Alot of guys get The Herp when they are in India."
by Shwstppr April 11, 2010
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