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When you knowingly have sex with someone who has herpes or some other sexual transmitted disease solely because they are extremely attractive and/or you are extremely sexually aroused.
"I can't believe you are trying to fuck her!" Jared said
"Why?" Thomas asked, "She's really hot!"
"You remember 'hot-balls Dan'? Who do you think gave him the hot balls? He was warned and he herpes fucked her anyway"
"I'll use a condom, because I am going to herpes fuck her too. She is hot and I have me some blue balls," Thomas retorted.
"'hot-balls Dan' used a condom too," Jared responded, "Her scabs tore a hole in it!"
Thomas said, "Well.... YOLO! I am going to eat that... well maybe not eat it.... but I am going to fuck that pussy!"
by Nutzen YerMouf February 22, 2018
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